Theoretical Physics

10 July 2013
Time: n/a

Clare Horseman

Topological quantum computing as a toy model spacetime

Using quantum systems to produce toy models of spacetime can
help us find ways in which quantum mechanics and general relativity are
compatible. In this talk I propose topological measurement-based quantum
computing as a toy spacetime, focussing in particular on the 3D
measurement-based model with active error correction. I will introduce
3D TQC (including its relation to the 2D surface code and to the anyonic
model). I then show how recent work on partial ordering in standard
measurement-based QC by Raussendorf and collaborators can be applied to
3D TQC and thereby, via Malament's theorem, give a causal structure to
the 3D model. I then show various nice properties of the toy spacetime,
including an exact link to the category-theoretic process diagrams of
Abramsky and Coecke. I will finish by showing the relationship between
different spacetime structures in this model, which gives us a novel
perspective on the relationship between entanglement and temporal



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