Theoretical Physics

17 February 2016
Time: 15:00 to 16:00
Location: EC Stoner 8.60

Theoretical Physics Seminar: Speaker: Aires Ferreira (University of York)

EC Stoner 8.60, Wednesday Feb 17 @ 3pm

Towards all-electric spintronics in graphene

Recent reports of sizeable spin–orbit coupling in chemically modified graphene have paved the way for all-electric spintronics in two-dimensional carbon platforms [1]. In this talk, I will overview the progress on spin Hall effect engineering in functionalized graphene [2-3], and discuss the implications of recent findings [4,5]. The main focus will be on spin–orbit coupled graphene obtained via chemisorption of light species and proximity effect to heavy adatoms. I will show theoretically how sharp electron—adatom scattering processes can enable an efficient spin Hall current generation (spin Hall angles of the order of 10% [3]) with a low impact on spin relaxation times, making spin–orbit-coupled graphene a promising candidate for processing of neutral spin currents. Last, I will present a new scheme for spin-current routing based on the distortion of Dirac cones in graphene superlattices [5]. The implications for experiments will be discussed.



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